Sisterhood Wound Healing – Coming Soon!

Sisterhood Wound Healing – Coming Soon!

Join us in a 7 day intensive Group Clearing Session! Group sessions offer a unique way to work through your healing. There are daily clearings, activations, and energy healings with educational posts from Sunday-Saturday online in a private Facebook Group. The session is designed like a workshop to help you become aware and consciously shift your energy. You can participate as much or as little as you want. You will still receive the healing benefits. All work is done via distance healing so you can participate in the comfort of your home.

Healing in the quantum field, unified field, or zero point creates change at the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual level. I use many different methods including Quantum Healing, Intuitive Healing, Emotion & Body Code, Offensive Energy & Entity Release, Reiki, and Shamanism. I look at energy patterns, blocks, negative emotions, programming, beliefs, ancestral lineages, discordant energy, trauma, etc. I work with the group’s energetics to clear these detrimental energies and help bring you more into balance and alignment.

You are purchasing ONE group clearing session for ONE person. If you have children under 18 years old, you may include them in the group healing at no additional cost. You can do this after purchasing the session and have been invited to the private Facebook group. There is a specific post with instructions on how to do this.

You may receive an email from me so I can add you to the Facebook group. Thank you!

Disclaimer – I do not fix, diagnose, or treat anyone. I am not a medical or health professional. When I do clearing, activations, and energy healing, I communicate with your Higher Self at the quantum level with God/Source/Creator. I do not heal anyone. I encourage you to become your own healer. You are healing yourself. This power has always been within you.

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This is a 7 Day Intensive Group Clearing Session with daily clearing, activating, and energy healing on the Sisterhood Wound.