Group Clearing Session


Group Clearing Session


Join us in a 5 day intensive Group Clearing Session! Group sessions offer a unique way to work through your healing. Clearings, activations, and healings take place Monday-Friday. I use distant quantum healing for the online private Facebook Group. Shifting energy in the quantum creates change at the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual level. As the facilitator, I look at energy patterns, blocks, negative emotions, programming, beliefs, ancestral lineages, discordant energy, trauma, etc. I use many different methods including Quantum Healing, Emotion & Body Code, Offensive Energy & Entity Release, Reiki, & Shamanism. I work with the group’s energetics to clear these detrimental energies and help bring you more into balance and alignment. It is my intention to help you become a conscious energy shifter and achieve a new level of consciousness.

You are purchasing ONE group clearing session for ONE person. If you have children under 18 years old, you may include them in the group healing at no additional cost. You can do this after you purchase your session and have been approved to the private Facebook Group. I will need your Facebook name in order to add you to the group.

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5 Day Intensive Clearing, Activating, & Healing Session