Emergency Session

Emergency Session


If you have an emergency you can book this quick clearing session for a specific issue. This session is not for general clearing. We will do the 30 minute session via a scheduled Zoom call or Voxer message.

Healing in the quantum field, unified field, or zero point helps create change at the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual level. I work with your energetics to clear these detrimental energies and help bring you more into balance and alignment.

I will message you via email with a confirmation of purchase and will offer appointment times ASAP.

Thank you!

DISCLAIMER – This is not a hypnosis session. I do not fix, diagnose, or treat anyone. I am not a medical or health professional. When I do clearing, activations, and energy healing, I communicate with your Soul at the quantum level with Creator. I do not heal anyone. I encourage you to become your own healer. You are healing yourself. This power has always been within you.

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This is a 30 minute emergency session for clearing, healing, and coaching done through the Zoom or Voxer app.