Private Support Session for Group Clearing Participants

Private Support Session for Group Clearing Participants


Please reach out to me before purchasing this session to see if this is needed. This is a 30 minute private support session to help answer your questions and do clearing and healing work. This is if you need additional help during the current Group Clearing Session.

This is only available if you are currently participating in a current Group Clearing Session.

Do not purchase if you are not in a group clearing session.

After purchase, I will contact you via Facebook Messenger or email.

Thank you!

Disclaimer – This is not a hypnosis session. I do not fix, diagnose, or treat anyone. I am not a medical or health professional. When I do clearing, activations, and energy healing, I communicate with your Higher Self at the quantum level with Creator. I do not heal anyone. I encourage you to become your own healer. You are healing yourself. This power has always been within you.

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This is a 30 minute session for coaching, clearing, healing, and support for Group Clearing Session participants only. Do not purchase if you are not currently in a GROUP CLEARING SESSION.