Pocket Malas

What is a pocket mala?

Traditional malas have 108 beads plus a guru bead and are used as a spiritual tool to help your mind focus while meditating. This smaller pocket mala has 27 beads with a guru bead, and it is more economical, portable, can be kept in your pocket or purse, or worn as jewelry. Journey around the pocket mala 4 times and you will reach the sacred number of 108. You do not have to use it solely for meditation.

The crystals and gemstones have specific energies, qualities, and meanings. Some are motivating and high energy. Others are calming and soothing. Many are very helpful and protective of your energy. You can use them with a mantra or affirmation practice. It can even be used as a prayer tool. I know some parents who use the pocket mala with their children to say their prayers at bedtime. Malas can be used to create a calming breathwork practice. I made pocket malas for my children. When they have very strong or frustrated feelings, I ask them what tools can they use to help them calm down. Often they just hold their mala and use it to breathe and calm themselves.

How do I use my mala?

Begin with the bead next to the large guru bead. Hold the bead with your thumb and middle finger. Say your affirmation or mantra. Breathe. Feel free to take a deep breath for each bead. This will help you develop a breathwork practice. Then move to the next bead doing the same until you’ve reached the guru bead. Your mala beads have the power to help you heal, protect you, and guide you. They are a constant reminder of your truth and intention. Your affirmations can change whenever you choose. When you are ready, you can put your own intentions into your mala.

How do I care for my mala?

Use a moistened cloth to gently surface clean your beads. Do not soak in water. Your mala is made with silk cord. Water will weaken the strength of the cord. Twisting or fidgeting with the beads may cause the silk cord to weaken over time or even break due to some beads having rough edges or insides.

How do I cleanse & clear my mala?

Energy is everywhere and in everything. When a loved one comes to you with a problem, you can feel a certain energy they bring with them. Sometimes that energy lingers. Sometimes you absorb that energy, positive or negative. Well, items can have energy too, and every so often it’s a good idea to clear that energy. Give your mala a cleanse. It will reset the energy, and allow for more positive energy to come. There are several ways to cleanse your mala. You can burn sage around it to smudge it. You can place the mala in the sunlight or moonlight, or you can use sound vibration such as a bell, a rattle, or even use your voice to chant and break up the energy. What matters most is your intention to cleanse the mala.

⟁ CRYSTALS ⟁  The meanings of the crystals and stones were adapted from many different sources. They are condensed meanings. I offer information about crystals and stones for educational purposes. It is not a guarantee of effect. Crystals and stones are not a cure but can be used as an aid in your healing. They carry specific energies, qualities, and meanings that can help you in your journey. Crystal healing is intended to be a complementary healing practice and the information given is not intended to prescribe, replace any medical care, or treat medical conditions. Those suffering from illness should consult a doctor.

Thank you!