Lava Stone

What is lava stone?

Lava stone, also known as basalt, is made from cooled down molten lava rock. Lava stone beads have naturally formed pits and irregular surfaces. Each bead is unique. The elemental qualities are Fire and Earth, which bring these energies to it’s wearer. Fire is connected to rebirth and renewal. Earth is grounding and nurturing. Lava stone balances emotions and gives you strength and courage. It is a calming stone that connects you to Mother Earth. Lava stabilizes and grounds your Root Chakra.

How do I diffuse with lava stone?

The pitted surface of lava stone makes it great for diffusing essential oils. Diffusing on lava is more subtle than using a regular diffuser but you still get aromatherapy benefits. You can apply a drop or two directly onto the stone. You can also put oils on your fingers and apply it to the stone. Please use care when applying essential oils. Don’t touch your eyes! I wipe excess oil on my wrists or behind my ears then wash my hands. If you are sensitive to essential oils, you can use a carrier oil. Wait a minute or two after application so it can absorb onto the stone. High quality essential oils will disappear quickly and not leave a residue.

What essential oils should I use?

You get to choose whatever oils you want! I love citrus oils during the winter time to uplift my spirits and mood. I often diffuse peppermint to help me with focus and motivation. I use sage and palo santo to help me feel like my energy is protected. It also gets me in a spiritual mindset and helps me do healing work. You can add any combination of oils you like. If you do not like the smell of the oil, simply wash the bead.

Do essential oils stain?

Lava stone can be dyed a different color than black. If you have a white lava stone and apply an essential oil with a darker hue, there is a chance it will stain the stone. If you put essential oils on a lava jewelry piece without letting it dry, you could stain a light colored shirt.

How do I care for my lava jewelry?

Some beads have been lightly oiled or waxed to make them smooth. You can use essential oils on top of oiled or waxed beads but you may notice a film. When you are ready to clean your stone, or remove wax, you can dip your lava stone in hot water several times until the wax is removed. You can also run hot water over the stone, but do not soak in water. It’s ok to use a little soap but make sure it is rinsed well because it could take on the soap’s fragrance. Essential oils should not be applied directly to the brass or metals on your jewelry piece or it can tarnish. If you get essential oils on non-lava parts, simply wipe it off.

Just like crystals, lava stone can absorb energy. It is a good idea to energetically cleanse your lava jewelry regularly. You can burn sage and smudge it. You can place it in sunlight or moonlight. You can use sound vibration such as a bell, rattle, drum, or chant to break up the energy. Remember your intention to cleanse your piece is what is most important.

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