About Me

Machu Picchu – A beautiful rainy and misty day!

My name is Val, and I’ve been on an incredible journey of remembering who I am…

Over the years, I found that many healing modalities were ineffective, limited, or false light. I would loop back into suffering, trauma, and victimhood over and over again. I took numerous trainings and got as many certifications as I could. I took many different approaches to healing. There was no stone unturned in my search for answers, and I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned on my journey.

Quantum healing is where I had the most amazing and impactful healing in my life. I’m not referring to the quantum healing hypnosis technique. I am referring to healing that takes place in the quantum field and working in the zero point energy field of consciousness that connects everyone and everything. Healing in the quantum creates change at the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual level. Quantum healing expanded my consciousness, my awareness, and helped me remember who I am.

I am finally in my power and I know myself, and to get here I had many “dark nights of the soul” before I was able to understand, discern, and see clearly. We must jump deep into self-inquiry, release our attachments, and understand that we are more than our personality or identity. We must dismantle what we know, or think we know, and begin to question everything and in the process face our deepest fears. It’s time to let go of being a victim and ready to step into self-responsibility. We need to ask ourselves if something is really the truth or if it is someone else’s truth. We have all been indoctrinated and programmed with beliefs that don’t belong to us and it’s time to release them. 

It is of utmost importance to be in your power and the authority of your own body, mind, emotions and thoughts. We must know who we are or we are susceptible to others’ ideas, beliefs, programming, offensive energies, entities, manipulation, and even mind control. When we bring those unconscious patterns, beliefs, ideas, and programming into the conscious, we are able to be in our power and sovereignty. It is a matter of unwinding and dismantling everything we know so we can understand who we really are beneath the surface. 


When I learned how to connect to myself truly, I was able to step into my purpose which is to help you remember who you are. We do so by teaching you to connect to your highest self and Creator. I use many different healing methods to find energy patterns, blocks, negative emotions, programming, beliefs, discordant energy, and trauma. I work with your energetics to clear these detrimental energies and help bring you more into balance and alignment.

Just in case you want to see what I’ve been up to over the years… : )

• Whispers on the Wind Shamanic Healing Training (Golden Light Healing 2016-2017)

• Mediumship Training – 2016 & 2018

• Reiki I, II, Reiki Master/Teacher training – (2017-2019)

• Tracking & Divination with José Luis Herrera, Peruvian Shaman (Sept 2018)

• Mediumship Workshop with UK Medium Mavis Pittilla (Aug 2019)

• Guiding Them Home – training in Psychopomp, Healing & Transitioning at End of Life, and Compassionate Depossession (Aug 2019)

• Soul Retrieval training with José Luis Herrera, Peruvian Shaman – (Sept 2019)

• Peru Journey: The Way of the Altomesayok to Lake Titicaca with Golden Light Healing & José Luis Herrera (Peruvian Shaman) (Jan 2020)

• Deepening Your Mediumship (Dec 2020)

• The Inspired Medium Training (Feb 2021)

• The Shaman’s Mesa with José Luis Herrera, Peruvian Shaman (Mar 2021)

• Emotion Code Practitioner Certification (CECP) (April 2021)

• Easy Entity Release Apprenticeship Program (Sept 2021)

• Body Code Practitioner Certification (CBCP) (Oct 2021)

• 7 Days of Healing™ Group Facilitator, Certified Group Energy Facilitator (CGEF) (May 2022)

• Mists of Ireland Tour, Guided Spiritual Journey with Golden Light Healing & Special Guests (Oct 2022)

COMING SOON! I will be teaching the basics of Connection, Discernment, and Alignment.