About Me

Machu Picchu – A beautiful rainy day! The mist lifted after we gave a prayer offering of coca leaves.

Hello, My name is Val! I’ve been on an incredible journey. I was searching for deeper meaning and spiritual connection in my life. I found wonderful teachers who gave me the guidance I needed to walk my path. I have met some wonderful people along the way. I trained in Reiki, Mediumship, and Shamanism. The “intuitive” part grew the more connected I became with Spirit and with myself. It has been amazing and I have so much gratitude!

Five years ago, I signed up for a class through a life coach. When filling out the forms for the class, I noticed a section about gifts. I didn’t really think I had any at all. Well, there was ONE thing. I could sense Spirit and energy, but I would put myself down because I hadn’t developed my gifts yet. I was embarrassed and afraid people would judge me. I thought people would think I was nuts! After I took the class, I was finally able to call myself an Intuitive. The life coach helped me believe in myself! I hadn’t fully developed my gifts yet, but I knew I was moving forward and finally open to them.

One day, I said out loud to the Universe, “God, please just tell me what my gifts are! What am I supposed to do? Am I a medium? Am I a healer?” Then I waited. At that time, I was getting Reiki energy healing every couple weeks. I noticed my psychic abilities were awakening, and I started feeling physically and mentally better. I began developing a relationship and connection with Spirit. I believe this was because I declared to the Universe that I was ready!

A month later, I heard a voice inside myself. It said, “Go find the tapes.” I knew exactly what that meant. About 19 years ago, I sought out advice and healing from a psychic healer. It was a traumatic and emotional time in my life, so much so that I forgot what was recorded in that session on those cassette tapes. She told me that someday I will talk to Spirit. My jaw dropped! Seriously?!? WOW… Shortly after that, I had my first Mediumship experience. I was talking to a stranger, and I ended up giving him a message from his uncle who had passed. So many amazing things happened in that moment. I loved the feeling of being able to give someone a healing message from their loved one. It was also meaningful to me because it showed me that there is “life” after death.

A pack of llamas & alpacas at Sachsayhuaman Cabilldo sacred site in Cusco

I finally decided to take some trainings and classes to help me on my journey. I didn’t want to be filled with fear and anxiety anymore. I didn’t want to walk this path alone. I wanted to meet like-minded people! And now I keep up with trainings to continue the work I am meant to do.

• Whispers on the Wind Shamanic Healing Training (Golden Light Healing 2016-2017)

• Mediumship Training – 2016 & 2018

• Reiki I, II, and Reiki Master/Teacher training – (2017-2019)

• Mediumship Workshop with UK Medium Mavis Pittilla (Aug 2019)

• Guiding Them Home – training in Psychopomp, Healing & Transitioning at End of Life, Compassionate Depossession (Aug 2019)

• Tracking & Divination with José Luis Herrera, Peruvian Shaman (Sept 2018)

• Soul Retrieval training with José Luis Herrera, Peruvian Shaman – (Sept 2019)

• Peru Journey: The Way of the Altomesayok to Lake Titicaca with Amy Wilinski (Golden Light Healing) and José Luis Herrera (Peruvian Shaman, Rainbow Jaguar Institute, Andean Institute) (Jan 2020)

• Deepening Your Mediumship (Dec 2020)

• The Inspired Medium Training (Feb 2021)

• The Shaman’s Mesa with José Luis Herrera, Peruvian Shaman (Mar 2021)

• Emotion Code Practitioner Certification (CECP) (April 2021)

• Body Code Practitioner Training (CBCP) (May-Oct 2021)

• Easy Entity Release Apprenticeship Program with Kate Delhomme CECP & CBCP (Jun-Sept 2021)

• Seidr Norse Shamanism with Imelda Almqvist (Dec 2021)

• Ancient Irish Celtic Shamanism with Amantha Murphy (Spring 2022)

Handmade Beautiful Textiles – Uros Islands – Lake Titicaca, Peru

Shamanism is many things. It is not a religion. It is a way of life. It is about your connection to the Divine and Mother Earth. We connect with and honor Mother Earth as well as Spirit (Universe, God, Creator, The Divine). We partner with our Spirit helpers to help us experience growth and healing. We are Souls having a human experience, and we are here to experience all the things in Life. We are here to learn many lessons and have many experiences. We learn to shed our old thinking, connect with our higher self, and to heal ourselves and help heal others. We come to understand life from a greater perspective. We learn how to nurture a deep connection with ourselves and with Spirit. Then we learn how to live life authentically and let our light shine, and in that, we help others to do the same.

I went to Peru for two weeks in January 2020 for a spiritual journey and training. It was such a beautiful country! We traveled to Machu Picchu, Cusco, Pisac, Maras, Ollantaytambo, Puno, the Uros Islands, and the Island of Amantani on Lake Titicaca. We experienced a water blessing ceremony in Lake Titicaca that was incredible. I received amazing healings from the local shamans. We participated in fire and despacho ceremonies. We experienced Altomesayok ceremonies with Mountain Spirits (Apukuna). It was a metamorphic and transformational journey. I’m truly grateful for all of the love & healing Peru gave me. 

Island of Amantani, Lake Titicaca Peru
On top of the Island of Amantani – Pachamama Sacred Site

Intuitive Val is where I work directly with clients for energy healing, but I also wanted to incorporate energy healing work in a more creative and fun way. That is how Intuitive Val Jewelry was born. I opened an Etsy shop called Intuitive Val Jewelry. I make energy healing infused jewelry as well as pocket malas to help you with your meditation, mantra, breathwork, or affirmation practice. The intention is for the pieces to help you feel more centered and balanced. Everything is blessed and infused with the intention to help you feel empowered, protected, and well on your journey. 

Cusco, Peru

Teachers, Mentors, Resources:

Amy Wilinski of Golden Light Healing in Sobieski, WI. Teaches Reiki I, II, & Master Training, Mediumship, Whispers on the Wind Shamanic Training, Hosts a variety of Workshops & Trainings from many teachers, Retreat Center, Spiritual Journeys to Peru –

José Luis Herrera, Peruvian Shaman, Founder of Rainbow Jaguar Institute, Founder & Chairman of the Andean Research Institute –

Kerry Geocaris of Simply Kerry – Transformational Life Coaching at

Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code & Body Code Trainings at

Intuitive Val Jewelry – Spiritual Reiki Infused Jewelry & Malas –

Four Leaf Clover – Melissa Wasi Inn – Pisac, Peru