Quantum Healing

I connect directly with Source using energy healing & clearing techniques to help achieve balance in the Mind, Body, & Spirit. I cleanse, clear, & release energy which allows you to do your healing work.

Quantum Healing Group

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Deep Dive

We explore what needs to be healed as well as offensive energies that could be disrupting your life. This is an intense clearing session where I examine patterns, programming, ancestral issues, contracts, geopathic stress, environmental factors, limiting beliefs, trauma, & offensive energies.

Individual Session

Intuitive Val Jewelry

I make spinner crystal & lava jewelry & pocket malas for your healing & spiritual journey! I create everything with love, intention, & positive energy. All pieces are energetically cleansed, cleared, & charged with quantum healing. Visit my shop!


Quantum Healing Group

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I am not a doctor or medical practitioner. I do not give medical advice. Energy healing is not a cure but is complimentary to modern medicine and assists you in healing yourself. I practice quantum and earth energy healing along with other clearing modalities to help you do your soul's healing work.