Quantum Healing

I do quantum realignment, clearing, and healing work where we identify and break through blocks, patterns, programming, resistance, sabotage, limitations, and more. I do quantum healing, soul retrieval, ancestral healing, timeline healing, group healing, etc. We will transmute and release detrimental energies such as negative emotions, discordant or offensive energy, limiting beliefs, cording, and trauma. I work multidimensionally to help bring you more into balance and alignment.

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing is a powerful energetic form of healing that takes place in the quantum field, the field of consciousness that connects everyone and everything. This zero point or unified field is where instantaneous shifts and manifestations occur. Shifting energy in the quantum creates change at the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual level. My intention is to help you heal and shift your energy, awareness, and achieve a new level of wholeness.

Quantum Healing Group

This is a Facebook community group where we can discuss current energies, ascension, consciousness, and all things energy and healing. This is where I will post group clearing themes if you need additional support. Click on the "Quantum Healing Group" button below to join. The intention of this group is to raise our awareness, vibration, & consciousness level. We come to this sacred community group with respect, peace, & love.



Quantum Healing - Group Clearing Sessions

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Energy healing is not a cure but is complimentary to modern medicine and assists you in healing yourself. I practice quantum and earth energy healing along with other clearing modalities to help you do your soul's healing work. I do not fix, diagnose, or treat anyone. I am not a doctor, medical or health practitioner, or medical professional. I do not give medical advice.

When I do clearing, activations, and energy healing, I communicate with your Higher Self at the quantum level with God/Source/Creator. I do not heal anyone. I encourage you to become your own healer. You are healing yourself. This power has always been within you.